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When it comes to typing, we believe one size does not fit all. Choose from four educational typing programs designed for grades K-2, 3-5, 6 -12, and 9-12. Each program offers educational excellence and meets all national technology standards (NETS/ISTE) for keyboarding, and common core and state standards. Typing Instructor provides a fully integrated age-appropriate typing adventure for students with step-by-step learning that includes lessons, tests, challenges, games, and practice activities. Students are motivated to keep learning as they travel on an adventure and complete a series of lessons, tests, and games, to earn rewards and advance to the next part of the typing adventure.

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Web Typing Solutions for Every Grade

Learn why Amazon & Top Ten Reviews rated Typing Instructor #1 for 5 Straight Years
Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure for Schools Web
Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure for Schools Web
Grades K-2

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Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure for Schools Web
Typing Instructor for Kids for Schools Web
Typing Instructor for Kids for Schools Web
Grades 3-5

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Typing Instructor for Kids Web
Typing Instructor Web Platinum
Typing Instructor Web Platinum
Grades 6-12

Click below for a full product evaluation. Use code 31a360fd7
Typing Instructor Web Platinum

Why Typing Instructor is the
Leading Brand of Typing Software?

Typing Instructor is the only typing software that's packed with just the right balance of education, entertainment, and motivation so you'll improve your typing skills more quickly and see immediate results.
Step-by-step typing
Educational: Learn to type with typing lessons. Typing Instructor's techniques are proven to increase typing speed and accuracy. Choose from hundreds of typing exercises, tests, and reports that measure your keyboarding progress.

• Proven educational typing instruction techniques
• Hundreds of typing lessons, exercises, and tests
• Standard or split keyboard and keypad
Exciting action-packed
games, including
multi-level play
Entertaining: Typing games make learning fun! Learning to type should be fun and exciting. With Typing Instructor, you can choose fun themes† and exciting travel destinations. Practice typing by playing games in the virtual arcade - arcade-style, exciting action-packed, multi-level games are included.

• Action-packed, arcade-style typing games
• Multi-level keyboarding games keep you engaged
• Collect rewards and advance to new levels
Measure progress and
save results
Motivating: Practice keeps your typing skills sharp. When you are motivated, you'll work harder to improve more quickly. Entertaining themes, exciting, multi-level typing games, and charts and graphs of your progress motivate you to meet your typing goals quickly and proficiently.

• Collect rewards, earn points, and print certificates
• Hundreds of interesting ways to practice typing
• Create your own typing tests, lessons, and articles

Recent Awards & Reviews*

Gold & Silver Awards — TopTenREVIEWS
Gold & Silver Awards — TopTenREVIEWS
Gold - Typing Instructor Platinum
Gold - Typing Instructor for Kids
Silver - Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure

Newsweek Magazine — Top 50 CD-ROMs
Newsweek Magazine — Top 50 CD-ROMs

Children's Software Revue — All Star Software 5 Star Award
Children's Software Revue —
All Star Software 5 Star Award

Typing Instructor is by far the best typing tutor available on the market today. We have reviewed this product many times over the past several years and have watched it grow into a very mature typing tutorial that is perfect for everyone.
— Computer Times


I recently introduced my students to Typing Instructor for Kids and Typing Instructor. I couldn't believe the reaction of the kids when they saw the new programs. They have all improved so much. The students have increased their typing speed and accuracy by 50% in just 4 short months!
— Lisa Vann, Technology Coordinator and Computer Teacher, St. Dominic School, K - 8, Shaker Heights, Ohio


We needed a dynamic typing program to teach our hospital nurses, doctors and staff to touch-type or to increase their typing skills to prepare for the transition from paper to computer, for all applications throughout the hospital. Typing Instructor was a perfect fit for the Technology Conversion!
— Dawn Maust, RN, Staff Development Coordinator, Scheurer Hospital, Missouri


This program is better than Mavis Beacon! I purchased both Typing Instructor and Mavis Beacon to increase my typing speed. I just love the Typing Instructor! It is easy to navigate, has very pleasant graphics, lots of variety and features, and loaded up perfectly.
— Joan, Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Typing Instructor Testomonials

Key Features

#1 in Education — Proven keyboarding lessons, practice exercises, and results-oriented tests improve speed and accuracy. Proper typing posture and 3D guide hands teach typing fundamentals.

#1 in Entertainment — Exciting themes and typing adventures make learning to type fun. Challenging multi-level games entertain you while you increase typing speed, dexterity, rhythm, and accuracy.

#1 in Motivation — Rewarding experiences keep you interested. Entertaining themes, progress charts, and game challenges motivate you to meet your typing goals quickly and proficiently.
*Awards may refer to previous Typing Instructor programs.
†Themes not available in TypingInstructorWeb.